Who’s Whooooo at the Center

January 14, 2012

barred owl2 1-12-12
We had another full and exciting week at the center. The barred owl at the left is currently recuperating in our care. He was apparently struck by a car, was on the ground, and then attacked by a hawk (talk about having a bad day!). A kind passerby chased the hawk away and brought the owl to us. He has some head trauma and will need time and supportive care to gain his strength and recover.

We also had some hawks in need of help; one sadly needed to be euthanized, but a beautiful red-shouldered hawk we took in with an injured foot is now on the road to recovery. The kestrel we have is out of his wing wrap and spending a bit more time in a restricted-flight cage while he continues to heal. Our little raccoon friend Nick is continuing to heal and is fast becoming a favorite with all of us.

We also took in a beautiful cedar waxwing, who seemed to be a bit hungover (they can get intoxicated from eating overripe, fermenting fruit and berries). Who knew birds were such party animals?
cedar waxwing 1-10-12

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