Raptor Season

January 18, 2013

1-5-13 eagle (2)
ll Happy New Year everyone! We are seeing many birds of prey (raptors) at the center these days. In addition to the many birds that call our part of Texas home, there are also many migratory birds either wintering here or passing through as they migrate. We have taken in four bald eagles in the last several weeks, which is a first for our group. We are hopeful that it is an indication of more eagles in our area. Additionally, we’ve seen many varieties of hawks and owls, and one of our rehabbers also photographed an osprey hunting near her home. Let’s hope with continued efforts to assist these birds along with conservation efforts that we will continue to see them for many years to come. We have recently kicked off our capaign to construct a full-flight facility for all birds of prey at our center. Click on the link at the top of this page for more information. The eagle pictured to the left came in with head trauma and was emaciated. She was most likely struck by a vehicle. We stabilized her and started to build her weight back up; she was recently transferred to Bellville, Texas (about two hours away from us), which is the nearest full-flight facility that can accommodate a bird of her size. When she is fully recovered, we will bring her back to the area in which she was found as she may have a mate waiting for her to return.

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