Help Us Raise The Raptor Roof!

May 31, 2021

Raise The Raptor Roof and Help Friends of Texas Wildlife’s Efforts Fly
The Woodlands Heating & Air Conditioning is matching dollar for dollar up to $5,000 all donations to help build a Rehab and Ambassador Raptor facility for Friends of Texas Wildlife. It is an ambitious project that will provide much needed help to the only wildlife rescue group located in Montgomery County. Their project goal is to raise $25,000 to help build new cages for the educational ambassador raptors (non-releasable) birds. These new “mews” (small flight cages) will allow Friends of Texas Wildlife to house all of their educational raptors in one location. This will also free up other caging for birds in rehabilitative care. Plans are shown below. Donate HERE
Phil Musial, the owner of The Woodlands Heating & Conditioning is involved in many local projects to help animals. We asked Phil about his participation in this project. He said that he recently moved into a new construction home and realized how much pressure development had put on the local wildlife.  Although The Woodlands does an extremely good job with responsible development, animals are still being displaced.  This is his attempt to raise awareness and generate funds to help these dedicated volunteers.  He said that Friends of Texas Wildlife is really great group of people!
About Friends of Texas Wildlife
Friends of Texas Wildlife is a group of trained and permitted volunteers who provide care for injured, displaced and orphaned wildlife in Montgomery and surrounding Counties. They support the rehabilitation of native Texas wildlife and promote co-existence of wildlife and people through education. They are the only wildlife rescue group based in Montgomery County with rehabbers permitted by U.S. Fish & Wildlife and Texas Parks & Wildlife Departments. They receive no money from either of these organizations, or locally. Their ability to care for the thousands of animals they receive each year is entirely dependent on donations, memberships, and money raised at their fundraisers.

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