A bit of a setback…

January 23, 2012

Had a bit of a set back with our little Nick. He started spiking a fever last Thursday (Jan. 19) and by Friday it was so high he was having seizures. We gave him something to bring the fever down as well as a different antibiotic. By Saturday morning, his fever was down and he seemed to be feeling a bit better, although he was still having some tremors and was very sleepy. We have been seeing steady improvement since then as he continues to feel better and get stronger again. We’re not sure if he had a secondary infection going on due to his wounds, or perhaps had a bad reaction to a vaccine we gave him last week on Tuesday. Still trying to get to the bottom of what happened. Wildlife rehabilitation is by no means an exact science, and often we wind up doing quite a bit of detective work to try to best help our little friends. For now, we continue to give Nick supportive care and all
nick2 1-16

nick's wound
he wants to eat so he can recover his health. Since we still cannot let him exercise outside, we have been letting him stretch his legs around the intake facility so he can improve his muscle strength as he has quite a bit of atrophy in his injured leg. As you can see by the photo to the left, his wound is healing, but he still has a long way to go.

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